Mom's Meals, a PurFoods Company, in North Jackson, has voluntarily closed according to a press release from the Mahoning County Board of Health, to comply with Ohio Governor Mike DeWine's Stay-at-Home order during the coronavirus pandemic.

In the statement, the company said it is working on a plan to comply with the order for the safety of their employees.

Mahoning Co. Sheriff Jerry Greene said that a PurFoods manager was cited for non-compliance with the statewide order, which stipulates that to ensure the safety for all, people must maintain a social distancing of at least six feet. 

"We are going to enforce this order. We will do our best to make sure everyone abides by enforcing the rule," Greene said. 

Mom's Meals spokesperson Debbie Albert, in a written statement, said "To ensure we have properly interpreted guidelines from the Ohio Department of Health to keep employees safe, and can also continue providing meals to people who rely on us for their meals, we have temporarily and voluntarily suspended kitchen production in our North Jackson facility. We have notified employees by phone and will be paying them for their shifts during this time. This temporary pause will not impact our ability to deliver meals to our clients, and we are planning to resume kitchen production early in the week of April 6."