If you haven't had your dog groomed or bought CBD oil in Ohio, you've only got a day to do so.

The Mahoning County Health Department reported on Thursday that dog groomers and CBD stores have until 4 pm Friday, April 10 to shut down.

A Dispute Resolution Commission set up after the Stay at Home order has ruled that both businesses are considered non-essential.

Under the Amended Stay At Home Order issued by Ohio Department of Health Director Amy Acton, M.D., the order may be enforced by state and local law enforcement.

If a public official enforcing the order has questions regarding what services are prohibited or what is an essential business or non-essential business, the Director of Health has delegated local health departments the authority to answer questions in writing. 

A Dispute Resolution Commission will evaluate and offer guidance in situations where two local health departments have come to a different conclusion for similar businesses on what is or is not an essential business.

The commission is designed to help provide uniformity. For example, a chain store may be operating as an essential business in one jurisdiction, but not another.

Conflicts may be submitted to ODH by either of the local health departments or an entity or person subject to the determination.

The Dispute Resolution Commission reviews the conflict and decides how to apply the state's order to the conflict. The decision of the commission is final.

To submit a dispute, fill out this Dispute Resolution Form and submit it to [email protected]