A big surprise and a parade were put on Monday for a Lisbon teacher celebrating retirement after 41 years of teaching in the district. 

Mrs. Debroah Glenn, who served as David Anderson High School's intervention specialist since starting in the district, was treated to the surprise by students and friends and received the 2020 National Honor Society Service Appreciation Award.

Mrs. Glenn's dream as a child was to be a teacher. She only wanted to teach second or third grade and only wanted to teach in Lisbon schools.

As a very confident college senior, Mrs. Glenn decided in January, prior to graduation, that she would apply for a job in Lisbon.

Mrs. Glenn knew that the superintendent, Mr. Means, would immediately offer her a job when seeing how much she wanted to teach. However, Mrs. Glenn did not realize that schools did not hire in January for the following school year and that there were no openings in Lisbon.

At the time, there was no Learning Disabilities unit at the high school, so Mr. Means procured funding for the unit and offered the teaching position to Mrs. Glenn with the understanding that she could move to the elementary school once a position became available. 

Forty-one years later, Mrs. Glenn is retiring from that same high school intervention specialist position.

Mrs. Glenn shows her appreciation by saying, "Thank you Mr. Means, and thank you, Lisbon."

During her 41-year career, Mrs. Glenn spent nine years as the cheerleading advisor and 28 years as the student council advisor. She also served as a department chair and mentor teacher. 

Mrs. Glenn taught in a district that she, her husband and her two daughters graduated from. 

After 41 years of teaching full time, Mrs. Glenn has decided to retire to spend time with her family, including her husband, Henry, and children, Lauren and Caitlin.