More "Free Ohio" rallies are scheduled for this holiday weekend and the message behind these events is broadening somewhat.  Besides wanting to open up all businesses with no restrictions, the people behind this group now want restrictions put on contact tracing.
Free Ohio Now was formed in opposition to what it's leader alleged was government infringement on individual freedoms in handling the coronavirus outbreak. Tom Hach says the purpose of this weekend's demonstrations is two-fold.

Health experts continue to stress the need for a robust system of contact tracing in the fight against coronavirus. It's a monumental task but a vital tool in efforts to prevent the spread of the virus.

"From a public health world that really is how we know where people infected with the virus are and how best we can reduce the spread," said Dr. James Kravek, Chief Clinical Officer at Mercy Health.

Free Ohio Now accepts contact tracing in the traditional interview form, but strongly opposes electronic tracing by cell phones as an infringement of privacy.
"The door becomes wide open if you use electronic, it's basically electronic surveillance and that can be used for many things down the road that this particular application can broadened in the future", Hach said.

Hach says the group also wants all Ohio businesses opened up with no restrictions. Dr. Kravek says everyone wants to reopen the economy but it needs to be done safely to guard against a new surge.
"I would just encourage that when we do open up we do it in a controlled fashion so it does not overwhelm hospitals if it were to surge again. i think that's the biggest point i'd like to make,".

With many Memorial Day events being cancelled, Hach says the weekend demonstrations will also serve to make sure Memorial Day doesn't pass without a tribute to those who died in defense of freedom.
"They are not so much against the stay at home order than it is to fill the void that many communities have by not being able to honor those who have fallen for our rights," said Hach.

Along with that, Hach said people attending a rally are being encouraged to wear red, white and blue and display the American flag.