Although it has been ten years since General Motors turned out the last Cobalt from its Lordstown Assembly Plant, people still driving the little Chevy might want to know that the car is being investigated for a possible fuel leak.

The National Highway Traffic Administration says it has received 208 complaints of fuel leaks from owners of Model Year 2008-2010 Cobalt and Model Year 2008-2009 HHR vehicles manufactured by GM

The NHTSA says the fuel leaks are the result of corrosion of the metal fuel lines underneath the vehicle near the left rear wheel well.

The corrosion occurs at the polymer blocks that attach the fuel lines to the underbody and underneath an insulation wrap-heat shield adjacent to the exhaust pipe and muffler.

Thirty-nine of the complaints specifically state that puddles or drips were observed.

NHTSA estimates that 614,275 of the vehicles are involved in the investigation.