There will be even fewer options for soon-to-be or would-be mothers and fathers in the valley.  21 news has learned that the maternity ward at Trumbull Regional Medical Center will close its doors by the end of the year.

A Steward Health spokesperson said that "despite our best efforts, patient demand has remained low, and Trumbull's maternity ward remains significantly underutilized - a trend that began even prior to Steward taking ownership of the hospital." 

According to the statement, Trumbull's maternity ward covers less than 15 percent of the babies delivered in the region annually.

It goes on to say "Steward is deeply committed to the well-being of our patients and this community and will continue to provide women's services, including advanced robotic gynecological procedures, with plans to expand our service offerings for women."

When asked if this shutdown has anything to do with COVID-19, the spokesperson tells us that the coronavirus has nothing to with the closing of the maternity ward.

All RNs in the maternity ward will have the opportunity to be moved to OPEN RN positions in other departments if and when available.

Alexa Polinsky, when asked about upcoming deliveries, says, "We will move forward with all scheduled deliveries through December 31, 2020. We are encouraging patients to reach out to their OBGYN’s to assist them on an individual basis with making choices for their care needs."

At this time, Trumbull Regional Medical Center does not have any scheduled deliveries beyond this date.

The statement directs patients to maternity services at Steward's sister hospital in Mercer County Pennsylvania: Sharon Regional, which is approximately 18 miles east of Trumbull Regional.

Maternity services exist at Mercy Health's St. Joseph Warren Hospital and at Mercy Health's St. Elizabeth in Boardman.