Two days after a mother and son lost their lives in a New Year's day fire in Warren, family, friends and neighbors all gathered to support and remember the family who touched their lives.

"We loved Cassie and Otto, more than words can express," said Darlene St. George, Otto's great aunt. 

Cassandra Gray and Otto, her five-year-old son, lost their lives after a fire engulfed their Woodland Street home.

Sunday night, more than 150 people gathered in Warren to remember them.

"This was the least we could do, was to gather everyone to just pray and lift her up to God and support the family with love, support and prayer," said vigil organizer Jenna Daugherty.

Daugherty said she and Cassandra went to high school together, and both their boys were the same age.

Gray leaves behind her husband, Lee, and her eldest son Simon.

Since the fire, the two have received overwhelming support.

"People are dropping off clothes and gifts and clothes and toys for them," said Daugherty. "There are gift cards available and plus there is a Go Fund Me page that's set up that's collecting a lot of money for them to rebuild."

That Go Fund Me page has raised more than $150,000 since Sunday night. 

"Cassie was a very outgoing, just a positive fun-loving person, a great mother. She absolutely adored her two boys and she made mothering look very, very easy," said Daugherty.

"Otto, he was just the sweetest little boy, always a big smile," said St. George. "He loved dinosaurs. I told him that I had a pet and his name was Theodore Rex and he was always looking around skeptical because he loved dinosaurs so much. That's what we'll remember about him."

Investigators are still working to determine a cause for the fire.