Youngstown Mayor Tito Brown announced that Detective Sgt. Carl Davis, who worked in the Internal Affairs Division, has been selected as the new Youngstown Chief of Police.

Davis has been with the department since 1986 and said he wants to be more engaging with the community directly and through social media.

Davis said he wants to be known in the communities, and not just when a crime occurs. 

“Youngstown is a tough community. It is diverse, it can be violent, and it has always been a challenge for police,” the new chief said.

Davis has served the Youngstown Police Department for 35 years. starting off as a Patrol Officer in 1986 and has worked in the YMHA Unit, the Power Shift Unit, Sergeant of the Patrol Division, Detective Bureau for 14 years, and in the Internal Affairs Division office for  five years. Davis also serves as Head of the Police Chaplaincy Corps.

The mayor said “Davis has demonstrated quality leadership skills over the years that will benefit the people of Youngstown.”

“Youngstown will be well served to have Police Chief Carl Davis starting today,” Browqn added.

Davis replaces Robin Lees, who was removed from his position at the Youngstown Police Department on Jan. 7. Lees last day in the the position is Friday, Jan. 15. 

According to Mayor Tito Brown, that's when he will accept Lees' letter of "retirement." Lees first joined the as an auxiliary officer in 1976, and served as chief for the last seven years.

Brown had said on Jan. 7 he wanted to "...develop a new strategy for innovative community involvement for safety and security for all Youngstown residents. I have a vision for the development of community-based policing that will require more interaction with social services, mental health services and extensive training that focuses on the needs of the citizens of Youngstown" after announcing Lees removal from the position.