A deadly shooting in Niles has a mom and children missing their father. "He did not deserve what happened to him. My children an I are so heart broken and so devastated," said Stacey Carr.

The shooting also has neighbors and witnesses asking how does a teen or teens get access to a gun or guns with laser pointers, and should the owner of the guns be held liable? Others ask if a dangerous killer is in the community. 

Several frantic calls were made to 9-1-1 just after midnight. One caller explained the sound of gunfire here is out of place, not normal. 

39 year old Thomas Carr died at the scene outside 109 West First Street. 

His wife of 16 years says T.J. was a great husband and father. My husband was an amazing man, he has such a big heart, he would do anything for anyone. We have been married 16 years we have 3 beautiful children together and I have 2 beautiful step daughter as well. He was an amazing husband an even more amazing father who cherished his children to no end."

She says her husband T.J. and 19 year old Dylan Hylte and another juvenile went to talk with the mom about neighborhood troubles. The teens had been making threats to my husband and the other teens. My husband was talking to the boy's mom. "

The victim Thomas Carr had called Niles police and reported someone stole items from his truck the night before.  

However just after midnight the woman who lives at 109 West First Street made a call to 911 for police to report a disturbance shortly before shots are heard on that 911 tape.

Hylte who was also shot at the scene was rushed to surgery. We don't have an update on his condition at this time.

Carr's wife is upset that Niles police did not place anyone under arrest when there were witnesses, and  some in the community fear a killer is on the lose.

Niles police say witnesses have said different things, and the investigation must be thorough. They do not believe the community is at risk. 

Captain John Marshall said, "The investigation is still underway and information has been forwarded to the Trumbull Prosecutor and the Trumbull Juvenile Prosecutor, and they're currently reviewing some of the preliminary information as we continue to investigate, so we can come to some conclusion as to the course of action they would like to take."

"The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Investigations is assisting with some of the physical evidence at the scene. Charges are being held so we can accumulate all the evidence available and make a decision based on all the evidence in this case. Unfortunately the information is based on perspective so we try to gather all the information available and look from every perspective so there is no surprise information that comes up. Sometimes people see a singular view of an event, we gather all the evidence so we have an accurate view of what happened," added Marshall.

Marshall told WFMJ news police did recover some guns from the home, but they must determine whether the guns were the actual guns fired at the scene. Processing that evidence at a lab also takes time. 

There are many questions the family and people in the community have such as whether the owner or owners of the gun or guns used in the killing and the shooting will be criminally charged?

Ohio law prohibits the purchase of a firearm by any one under the age of 18, and the purchase of a handgun for anyone under the age of 21.