The Poland Township Park held a robbin cutting ceremony for their new swing set for young children with special needs.

The local NSS (National Slovak Society) local assembly 731 and 4-H club were critical in raising and donating the swing set's money.

The swing set total cost was 2,500 dollars.

The idea is to put the swing set in so that people with physical or mobile disabilities can enjoy the park.

Another reason for it is that some people who have autism don't like when things touch them to sit back in it and still be safe with this swing.

"The Back and the bars that come over on the front protect them. It's also easier to get them in and out rather than trying to strap the belts in.
Sometimes you get kids with special needs who are afraid of those belts and they don't want the straps to be put on, so it gives them a little more space and comfort," said Laurie Fox, the President of the local NSS.

The park plans to add more playground equipment in the future to accommodate those who have mobility or physical disabilities.