Police have charged a Warren woman after finding her eight-year-old son home alone late at night.

Randi Green, 28, faces one count of child endangering filed after police told a prosecutor that a relative of the 8-year-old called them to Green’s Homewood SE home at around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Police say they found items strewn through the home, which according to the report, had a sticky kitchen floor.

The boy told them that he ate Cheez-Its for breakfast and “Lunchables” for lunch and dinner.

He said his mother had been gone since 7:30 that evening.

When a dispatcher contacted the mother on her mobile phone, she told them she was at the store and would be home soon.

Police say the mother had not yet returned by the time they left the home, so turned the boy over to the care of the relative.