A woman was sentenced to six months in the Mahoning County Jail after she plead guilty to assaulting her late husband in Austintown, who died one day after the alleged incident. 

On April 6, 34-year-old Elizabeth Clausen plead guilty to misdemeanor counts of assault and domestic violence.  

The prosecuting attorney on the case said Clausen's late husband Eric went to the hospital around 1 a.m. on June 9, 2018 and claimed he had fallen on a candle that was in the bedroom.

He was treated for lacerations to the head. 

Just hours later, on June 10 around 5 p.m., first responders were called to the home on Innwood Drive and found Clausen unconscious, according to court officials.

He was then taken again to the hospital where he later died. 

Years later, court officials said a witness came forward after she said Elizabeth Clausen had told her that she was the one that struck her late husband on the head with the candle. 

However, an autopsy discovered that Clausen had died of pneumonia and his injuries sustained in the assault had nothing to do with his death, according to the prosecuting attorney. 

Clausen was sentenced Tuesday to spend six months in the county jail, which is the maximum amount of time she could be sentenced for her misdemeanor charges.