A Police Officer captured three Campbell women as they were allegedly in the process of trying to steal an air conditioner from a commercial building in the city.

Laconthea Austin, 38, Vanessa Russell, 27, and Ashley Shubert, 34, all smiled as their booking photos were taken at the Mahoning County jail on Sunday.

Called to the building at 312 Robinson Road Sunday morning, an officer said he saw Shubert near a Chevy Tahoe parked outside.

Shubert told the officer she was working on the car. But when the officer heard someone inside the building, he handcuffed Shubert and told her to sit next to the building.

One of the voices from inside the building called out, asking if everything was okay outside.

Moments later, police say Austin walked out of a side door and was handcuffed by the officer.  Austin was ordered to sit next to Shubert.

Police say Russell came outside and was ordered to sit next to the other women until a second officer could arrive.

Austin told police there were at the building to take the air conditioner that was in the window. “I been eying that air conditioner for about a year,” said Austin according to the police report.

All three were scheduled to be arraigned Tuesday in Campbell Municipal Court on charges of Breaking and Entering, Theft, and Trespassing.