A Poland Township couple face a slew of charges after police from five communities had to be called to break up a fight in their neighborhood.

Matthew Hutzel, 34, and his 27-year-old fiancée Jacqueline Kliem were arrested outside their Bedford Road home Monday night.

Police say they got a call from a woman concerned about the welfare of her 62-year-old mother and 64-year-old father, claiming that they were being terrorized by their next-door neighbors.

Township officers reported that Hutzel and Kliem had a bonfire in their yard and were shouting obscenities at their neighbors and the police.

When police arrested Hutzel for disorderly conduct, they say Kliem lunged at the couple next door.

According to the police report, Kliem knocked the neighbor down and injured his wife, who needed hospital treatment for an arm injury.  A 63-year-old neighbor who had been sitting with the couple told police he was kicked in the face.

Police say Hutzel then pulled away from them and tried to charge the couple.  An officer who pepper-sprayed Hutzel also got some of the spray in his eyes.

The report says police then began chasing Kliem who began to run away with her 12-year-old daughter close behind.

Township Police had already called for help, and police from Coitsville, Poland Village, Springfield, Campbell arrived, along with the Western Reserve Fire District and an ambulance.

Kliem returned to the property and apologized to police, who confiscated her fiancee’s cell phone to collect the video he had been recording of the confrontation.

The police report includes images from video recorded during the disturbance.


 Both Hutzel and Kliem were booked into the county jail on multiple counts including disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and endangering children.

Kliem is also charged with felonious assault, assault, and aggravated trespassing.

Hutzel faces additional charges of intimidation, menacing, and inciting violence.