A routine traffic stop on Summer Street in Youngstown led to the discovery of over 100 rounds of ammo and 100 pills Wednesday afternoon.

According to a police report, 29-year-old Charles Wimphrie was stopped by police after making an improper turn and having expired plates. 

Officers approached the vehicle and noticed multiple loaded magazines, both rifle and pistol, in a box behind the driver's seat.

The officers also noticed two loaded AR magazines and a bulletproof vest.

A strong odor of marijuana was present, in addition to a joint in the cupholder, according to police. 

Officers asked Wimphrie if he had any weapons in the vehicle. He said "no."

Police had Wimphrie exit the vehicle and immediately arrested him.

A loaded pistol was sticking out of his front pocket.

After recovering the pistol, Wimphrie advised police that there was an automatic rifle still in the vehicle, and both firearms were registered to him. 

The police report states that Wimphrie did not have a Concealed Carry Permit.

Upon searching the vehicle, police found more than 100 rounds of ammunition, marijuana and pills.

Wimphrie is being held in the Mahoning County Jail and has a court date set for July 9th.