After he was ruled ineligible to run for mayor in Youngstown, John White has decided his family's fight in the mayoral race is not quite over. Rather than appealing the decision, however, White's wife Amber is going to run as a write-in candidate.

John White was disqualified from the mayoral race after the Board of Elections discovered registered voter and partisan voter violations.

"To run as an independent candidate in Ohio, you have to be truly independent," explained Tom McCabe to 21 News when asked on Tuesday. "Mr. White did vote in the Democratic primary in 2021 and that's a disqualifyer because you can't be partisan and run as an independent."

Amber White filed with the Mahoning County Board of Elections as a write-in candidate Thursday. Her slogan will be "Write-In White."

"Since he can't [run], I will try to carry the torch," Amber White told 21 News.

According to Amber White, she and her husband hold all the same ideas and values.

"Everything has been a group effort. I've been there [with him] every step of the way."

The couple us working to change existing signs that have John White's name to "Write-In White."

The campaign's goals remain largely the same, despite the candidate change.

"My children are everything, when it comes to them I want them to have a safe functional city to live in," said Amber White. "I've seen the things that go on in Youngstown and we need to do better. We can be better, and when we get [elected] we will be better."