It may be a flashback of spring of 2019 for some residents in Boardman, as heavy rains once again cause a major issue. 

21 News is receiving reports of severe flooding in neighborhoods off of Lockwood and Route 224, as well as in the Struthers area.  

"It's been a real struggle the past three years," said Anthony Markotan from Boardman. Martkotan's backyard on Wingate Road flooded into more than 8 peoples backyards Friday evening. "I talked to the Mahoning County Sanitary Engineers and they said the pipes going through the yard isn't enough to handle the houses that have been built here and there's really nothing they can do about it at this point."

Markotan said when the flooding becomes so bad, water comes up through the sewer. "It's terrible. We get a big storm like this and we have no clue what's in the water," Markotan said, concerned for his children's safety. 

David Moliterno also lives on Wingate and agrees the flooding has been a concern for years. He said there isn't an efficient storm water retention system in the neighborhood.

"The way the road's designed, this backyard area is the low point on the road and it shoots north to south. So, there's no where for it to escape to," Moliterno said.

As 21 News Anchor Erin Simonek was getting video of flash flooding on Tam O'Shanter Dr. in Boardman, one woman who lives on this street showed her basement which is filled with over 12 inches of water.

21 News received over a dozen calls about flooded basements and backyards from the Struthers and Boardman areas. Some callers have reported that they can't even leave their homes due to the flooding. 

Moliterno said he's reached out to Boardman trustees about the reoccurring issue.

"These floods happen multiple times a year,' Molterno said. "The statement that was given to me was, why would we update infrastructure that's so rare and just happens every couple of years?" 

21 News reached out to Boardman trustees. Township Administrator Jason Loree said they use rain gauges and steam monitors to monitor the rain. They have a list of projects they are working on with ABC Water and Storm Water District.

Rain should be moving out of the area later Friday night.