A judge has ordered that a domestic violence suspect be jailed without bond after police say they found several firearms, high-capacity magazines, a bullet-proof vest, and more than 200 boxes of ammunition at his Warren home.

James Powell, 33, pleaded not guilty to felonious assault and domestic violence during a video hearing in Warren Municipal Court on Monday.

Police were called on Friday to his Northwest Blvd. NW home where they say the alleged victim, a 40-year-old woman, suffered a minor injury.

In addition to the firearm that Powell was allegedly carrying; police officers found other weapons at the home.

The inventory lists six firearms, a heavy Kevlar vest, twenty magazines each capable of holding 30 rounds, and 228 boxes of ammunition.

The police report said that officers would speak to the prosecutor about additional charges.

Powell remains in the Trumbull County Jail without bond pending another court hearing set for Thursday.