A balcony at Hermitage Woods Luxury Rental Suites collapsed around noon on Tuesday leaving one man injured.

Two residents were standing on the balcony at the time of the incident.

One female resident was able to escape back into the apartment before the collapse. The other resident, a 31 year old male fell with the balcony and was partially trapped.

The man was rescued and was transported to Saint Elizabeth Hospital in Youngstown with unspecified injuries. 

All other balconies at Hermitage Woods will be closed off with caution tape and residents are not to use the balconies until further notice.

 Building inspector Jeff Osborne tells 21 News that all of the balconies were inspected following the collapse and all have significant rotted wood and will need to be replaced. However, Osborne said the rot is not readily apparent without close inspection, so there is no immediate sign of negligence on the part of the building's owner. There will be a thorough investigation to more fully determine the cause and remedy for each balcony. 

Osborne said the complex does not have any history of violations or failed inspections.