Youngstown City School Board approved an academic improvement plan to help more students achieve.

Approval of the plan by the state and some other steps could help the district gain back their control with no more CEO in charge.

School Board President, Ronald Shadd said, "We feel really good about this effort today.  The plan touches on the parts of our literacy program, our math efforts, science, social studies, and government as well."

The board will submit its plan to the state on Thursday. It contains 24 benchmarks that the district needs to meet. The state must approve of the board's plan.

Strategies to help reach the benchmarks over the next three years focus on teaching, extra classroom support, engaging students, \and learning coaches for students who need more help.

Progress will be actively monitored. Also helping students reach the goals is a partnership with the United Way which offers a Success by Six program that is back in person this school year.

"It's going to be intervention, specifics getting to the student scholars that are having issues early on, and to engage them and create the wrap-around services that they need to help get them on track," added Tina Cvetkovich, Vice President of the Youngstown School Board.

The plan and a few steps could help gain independence from a CEO being in control with state oversight.

If the agreed-upon benchmarks are not reached, the state could regain control of the Youngstown City School District, and appoint another CEO.