Greenville House in Mercer County, Pennsylvania is celebrating it's 40th anniversary today. 

Construction of Greenville House started in 1980, and opened in 1981 as affordable housing for low income elderly and disabled people. 

Greenville House received citations that were presented by congressman Mike Kelly, Pennsylvania state senator Michelle Brooks, state representatives Mark Longietti and Parke Wentling. Mercer County commissioners Matt McConnell, Scott Boyd and Tim McGonigle. 

President of Crossgate Real Estate Ryan Schwotzer, which owns Greenville House, presented Greenville House workers Jackie Kovach and Lisa Butner with different citations. 

Greenville House is a 9 story apartment that includes 12 apartments that accommodates handicapped people. It was previously Penn High School, but developers wanted to turn it into affordable housing, so they raised the building so that they could construct Greenville House. 

Jackie Kovach says the residents of Greenville House get along really well and that they are like their own little community. 

Greenville House residents take part in different local Greenville community events as well, such as parades and festivals.