With coronavirus cases in schools on the rise and Ohio reporting more than 83-hundred new statewide cases today. Friday night stadium lights won't be on at some football fields this weekend.

WFMJ News talks with some coaches who are facing cancelled games due to quarantines and some COVID-19 cases.

The snap of the ball, rushing yards, and touch downs, won't be happening this Friday as the Reynolds versus Farrell game is cancelled.

Coach Anthony Pegues tells us around 20 members of his team were sidelined on quarantine after a Lakeview Pennsylvania High School football player tested positive for COVID.

They had enough players for this weeks game but got bad news from their opponent Reynolds.

"They had some COVID issues over there, so they told us that they couldn't play the game, so we had to cancel the game," said Coach Pegues.

So far none of the Farrell Varsity Steelers have caught COVID this football season.

We asked the coach why he though there were no cases on his varsity football team?

Pegues who is thankful said, "We have quite a few kids who are vaccinated, we have quite a few kids that are still getting vaccinated, and we are just trying to preach wear your mask. We have some kids who actually wear their mask during the game."

The Farrell School district is also taking extra precautions sanitizing the locker rooms daily.
The coaches and district are emphasizing good hand hygiene, and working out at home while kids are in quarantine.

The stadium lights also dark for the Niles versus Jefferson game.

Coach Jim Parry tells us about  8 players had to quarantine due to an opposing team, then a team member tested positive, and more players had to quarantine.

"We might have had about a dozen kids left at that point in time after the contact tracing was done. We need to do all we can to help keep our kids safe," emphasized Parry.

Coach Parry tells us players wear masks in locker rooms and will consider wearing them on the sidelines.

East Liverpool Versus Harrison Central, Mercer versus Eisenhower, and Sharpsville versus Lakeview PA teams will also not suit up.

Hopes are spread of the delta variant will slow so playoff games will continue, but right now they say no one can know what will happen.

All the coaches WFMJ talked with say they are seeing more players and teams effected by COVID's Delta variant.