Police say a Warren woman told them she was upset about being arrested for shoplifting food when she is hungry.

Police went to the Lodwick Drive apartment of 25-year-old Halley Ann Berglund Tuesday afternoon after identifying her as the woman who allegedly forced her way past an employee of the Sparkle Market on Parkman Road NW carrying a bottle of apple cider as well as other items in her purse.

The employee told police that a suspected shoplifter pushed her out of the way as the employee attempted to block the suspect from leaving the store without paying for the items.

The suspect eventually agreed to spill the contents of her purse, which according to the police report included Salisbury steak, chicken nuggets, 2 summer sausages, 2 refrigerated rolls, milk, cheese, bacon, and snack crackers worth a total of $43.75.

The employee, who said she broke a nail during the confrontation, gave police a description of the suspect with green hair, as well as the license plate number of the Camry which the suspect drove away.

Police tracked down the owner of the car and arrested Berglund as she arrived at her apartment.

As an officer placed her in handcuffs, Berglund said she was upset about being arrested for stealing food when she is hungry, according to the police report.

Berglund was booked into the county jail on a charge of robbery.  A court hearing is scheduled for her on Wednesday.