A Cortland woman suspected of driving drunk with a child in her Jeep is free on bond after pleading not guilty to several charges.

Responding to a report of a possible intoxicated driver with a child in the back seat Tuesday night, Bazetta Police pulled over the Jeep being driven by 35-year-old Elizabeth McMenamin along Niles Cortland Road.

Inside the Jeep, which had no working tail lights or license plate light, police say a female child was in the back seat.

According to the report, the officer detected the odor of alcohol, further claiming that McMenamin’s eyes were bloodshot and glassy, and her speech was slurred at times.

Although McMenamin agreed to take part in a field sobriety test, police say she refused to submit to a chemical test to check her blood alcohol concentration. The woman told the police she had nothing to drink.

Police say a search of the Jeep turned up a bag containing four bottles of alcoholic beverages, one of which was empty. Police say they also found a grocery store receipt for the drinks which had been purchased a couple of hours earlier.

McMenamin was booked into the county jail and the child was turned over to her father.

McMenamin is charged with DUI, child endangering, and driving without taillights.