Nina Gabrelcik and Jennifer Wilson are two Valley teachers that decided to turn an old bar into a small event center called The Blank Space.

The space is exactly what it sounds like, and it's simply a blank space for someone's next event, party, or gathering.

The concept of it is to let the customer make it what they want. The goal was to bring a charming and chic space to Warren, Ohio, to avoid renting a back room in a restaurant or opening your house to guests for every gathering.

Birthday parties, showers, graduation parties, stags, work gatherings, fitness classes, photo sessions, and holiday parties are just some ideas for the space.

Customers can also rent party items from some of the rentals.

Examples are a champagne wall, shiplap photo backdrop, portable bar, personalized acrylic signs, and polaroid camera plus film.

They are officially open for business on November 11 and they can be contacted Via. Facebook HERE, Instagram HERE, or phone (330) 717-7378. 

The space is located at:

The Blank Space, LLC
101 N. River Rd NE
Warren, OH 44483