Three people were arrested early Monday after police say they found drugs, children, and two fugitives at a Warren home.

Investigating a call that a child may have been injured at a home on East Avenue SE at around 2:30 am, police say they did find a baby and a five-year-old child, but neither was injured.

However, officers say they found crack, marijuana, methamphetamine, and an ashtray with two lines of cocaine.

Several people were at the home, including 27-year-old Mitchell Bolino of Niles, and 44-year-old Vicky Lucas of Indiana, Pennsylvania, both of whom had warrants for their arrest.

Police say the mother of the children, 36-year-old Patricia Lukanec, was carrying a packet of suspected crack cocaine in her pocket.

All three were taken to the county jail.  The children were turned over to a relative.

Lukanec pleaded not guilty to two counts of child endangering. She is free on bond pending another court hearing next month. She is not allowed to have contact with the children unless approved by the court.