Following the FDA and CDC's decision to support booster shots for all adults, the Ohio Department of Health announced that Covid-19 booster shots will be available for all Ohioans over the age of 18 who are fully vaccinated. 

Ohioans who received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine are eligible for a booster shot two months after their initial vaccination. 

People who received Moderna and Pfizer vaccine are eligible for the booster 6 months after their initial vaccination. Fully vaccinated adults can choose any of the three authorized Covid-19 vaccines for their booster shot. 

In a press release, Ohio Department of Health Director Bruce Vanderhoff explained the reasoning behind the need for booster shots, and how the booster will keep vaccinated Ohioans immunity from Covid-19 strong. 

In a press release from the ODH Vanderhoff states: 

Following action by the CDC director, vaccine providers in Ohio can begin administering COVID-19 vaccine boosters to any fully vaccinated Ohioan 18 or older,” explained Ohio Department of Health Director BruceVanderhoff, MD, MBA. “The COVID-19 vaccines continue to be incredibly effective. However, there is a natural tendency for immunity to wane over time, whether natural immunity or immunity from a vaccine, and many immunizations require at least one booster dose. When Ohio adults choose to get booster doses, it will keep their immunity from COVID-19 at peak performance.”

Ohioans who are not yet vaccinated can visit to learn more about the vaccine, and schedule an appointment.