The Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office is hoping to keep a man convicted of rape behind bars.

According to the letter from the Prosecutor's Office, 47-year-old Timothy M. Gaut is set to have his first parole hearing in December.

The office described Gaut in their letter as "one of the worst ever sexual predator/human traffickers this office or perhaps the world has ever seen."

According to the letter, prosecutors have video evidence against Gaut from the 2007 case that involves obscene material. The letter says, "we have in our possession video evidence which is obscene; e.g. live streaming sexual acts performed on a 6-year-old relative."

They have described Gaut as a "forever evil offender."

In the letter, Gaut is described as "In 2007 was very good looking or perhaps disarmingly attractive to many. He had the Ted Bundy look."

Assistant Prosecutor Michael Burnett described Gaut's behavior and the background of the case in detail in a second letter. He alleges that Gaut has a pattern of lies and manipulation of others.

"The Prosecution has been provided with absolutely no evidence that Inmate Gaut has made any attempt to address his deviant sexual behavior," Burnett said in the letter. "Any man who would do these things to satisfy his sick and demented sexual desires is nothing short of evil. Evil is eternal and evil cannot be rehabilitated."

Gaut pled guilty to every count in his indictment according to the prosecutor's office, which included nine counts of life rape (first rape, age 3 and last rape, age 6) and 21 total counts.

The original indictment of Gaut came in early 2007. Gaut pled guilty to all charges on September 12, 2008.

He has served 13 years and prison up to this point.