A non-profit in Youngstown and the young men it helps have a Christmas wish.
The non-profit, Saint Augustine Society Incorporated, helps young men and teens who have aged out of foster care, and young men who want help turning their lives around. 
At Cafe Augustine inside the Newport Public Library building in Youngstown teens that have aged out of foster care, and young adults get an opportunity to learn work and life skills as they buy the groceries, plan menus, cook the food, clean and comply with health codes. Father Edward Brienz began the program in 2015.
"We help them get up their business skills, their people skills, their work habits, so they can compete out there in the world," said Father Brienz.
To compete in the world it helps to have a roof over your head, a bed to sleep in, and facilities to wash and dry your clothes.
Many of the people who have taken part in this program don't have those advantages.
"Before I met Father Ed by life was hard. I didn't have a bed to sleep in. I didn't have a roof over my head. When I met Father my life changed dramatically. I now have a place to stay and lay my head. I have a comfortable bed, and I have a job now. One door can open many," said Rontelli Reed.
Mac Hayes, the Cafe Manager, has bee working there since 2015. 
"Father helps us build character and helps get us situated into workspace. I learned a lot from father working here for a few years, said Hayes."
Father Breinz tells 21 News most landlords won't rent to anyone without a work and credit history. 
That's where Augustine House comes in helping young teens and men build credit so they can create stability many never had.
But the owners of the building have put it up for sale. 
The non-profit's wish along with the young men who live there are that people will donate to help buy the building.
The wish would help the program continue for many years to come. 
"We are there so they have hope. We could be the last link before they give up hope. They need to know there is decency and people there to support them, not forever, but help them get back on their feet, think clearly and create and follow new dreams," said Father Breinz.
To help make that dream come true, checks made out to Saint Augustine Society Incorporated can be dropped off at Cafe Augustine during business hours.