Residents of Newton Falls gathered at the Newton Falls Municipal Center Tuesday afternoon to support Matt Evans, a former Electric Department employee who was recently fired.

The protesters claim that city employees are not being treated fairly and are rallying in support of Evans for speaking out against this treatment with signs with messages such as "Support our city employees" and "Evans spoke the truth! Bring him Back!"

One protester tells 21 News that during a city council meeting, Evans asked a question during a meeting regarding an insurance company the city was looking at. 

"Matt Evans said something about the city manager being a part of the insurance company they were looking at ... He asked a question basically and so for asking a question, he was terminated the next day," the protester said.

The protester told 21 News the main goal of the protest was to show the city that its residents are backing up the employees and want them to have fair benefits, as well as to bring Evans back to work.

"[With] the cost of the benefits, some of the employees are going to have to take $3 and $4 an hour cut in pay to equal what they were going to have to pay in deductibles," the protester said.

21 News is reaching out to Newton Falls Mayor, Kenneth Kline for a response on Evans's termination.