The Ohio Organized Crime Investigations Commission seized more than $42 million worth of illegal drugs in 2021, outnumbering the valued $29 million confiscated the year before.

This past year saw increased level of drug trafficking in Ohio. That factored into the increase in drugs seized along with the expansion of the OOCIC and the completion of long-term investigations. 

In 2021, the OOCIC reported the seizure of 7,906 opioid pain pills and 1,205 other prescription pain pills.

"The law enforcement officers of our major drug interdiction task forces are guardians on the wall, protecting Ohioans from overdoses and death by seizing narcotics before they are distributed into our communities," Yost said. "Substantially larger quantities of heroin, fentanyl and methamphetamine were interdicted in 2021 than prior years, proof of our task forces' vigilance to stay ahead of drug traffickers. I look forward to OOCIC's continued success in 2022."

The OOCIC's expansion this year included aid from federal agencies like Homeland Security Investigations and help from local law enforcement statewide.

Notable drug-related confiscations in 2021 included the arrest of a Bellaire man who possessed 9 pounds of methamphetamine, 6 ounces of cocaine, $3,861 and a loaded firearm. In another instance, the task force seized 25 pounds of fentanyl, 1.2 pounds of cocaine, 38 pounds of marijuana, 13 firearms and $43,701 in Hamilton County, Ohio.

Since 2012, the OOCIC have seized narcotics with an estimated value of $285,014,414, including 692 pounds of heroin, 666 pounds of fentanyl, 1,563 pounds of methamphetamine, 1,763 pounds of cocaine, and 28,305 pounds of marijuana. The task forces have also seized $73,322,940 and 1,022 firearms.