At Parkside Church in Struthers some local Boy Scouts with Troop 101 took part in Sunday's service. 
The service was to give awards out that were earned, and celebrate the 112th anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America. The local Scouts joined others nationwide who were doing the same. 
"We recognize the Scouts who have earned their religious awards, and recognize Scouting in general for what Scouts do for the community," said Bob Granchie, Stambaugh District, Great Trail Council, BSA.
Over the decades the number of youth taking part has dropped dramatically. That has led some people to question whether the organization can survive.
Scout leaders WFMJ News talked with have faith the nonprofit can weather storms and mentor youth for decades more.
 A Troop Chaplin tells us the 12th law of Scouts is to have reverence. 
"It is a non sectarian group, but we do believe in a higher power. It doesn't matter what faith you are as long as you believe in something, added," Granchie.
Membership has declined over the past several decades with popularity of video games and a computer culture.
WFMJ News asked about the past practice decades ago of covering abuse up at the national level and Scout leaders assured us that policy changes were made to help protect our youth.
Then there were fears a pandemic would stop indoor meetings, but the Lowellville Rod and Gun Club came to the rescue offering it's site for meetings around a campfire. 
"Since we were going out there fishing and doing outdoor stuff, the kids went and asked other kids if they wanted to join and we ended up getting more members over the pandemic than we had when we started so we got new kids coming here now," said Jeff Wormley Scout Master of Troop 101.
Young men taking part say Scouting offers adventure, teaches survival skills, leadership and community service.
"I think it's a great experience to have the skills that Scouting teaches you and it's a great time overall," said Colin Senvisky.
"It's really fun. It's like a family. You join it and you feel like a brother to everyone in it," said Zachary Lucas.
To find out more about the Boy Scouts in this region, the Stambaugh District serves all Scouting families in the Mahoning, Trumbull and eastern portion of Portage Counties of Ohio and is part of the Great Trail Council of the Boy Scouts of America.
Some famous Scouts include Michael Jordan, Bill Gates and actor Chris Pratt.
(The '9' that is before the 101 in the video designates the troop is from Youngstown.)