If a 6.9 mill bond levy passes, a new elementary and middle school campus in Canfield could open in the fall of 2025.
The bond levy would generate 107.8 million dollars over 37 years. 
The issue will be to voters in May, then reassessed if it does not pass.
Officials say it will take one year to plan, and about two years to build the complex on a 100 acre site on the Red Gate Farms property at Leffingweld and 
South Palmyra.
Residents were able to submit questions in a public forum at 5:00 p.m Thursday February 17, 2022.
Canfield school district did not allow people to ask questions at a microphone.
Instead, they had people write questions on a note card or piece of paper and submit them for an answer. .
Someone from the district typed questions which were shown on a screen for people at the forum.  
Some homeowners are upset and say a bus garage build in their residential neighborhood will make their property values plummet.
Superintendent Joe Knoll explained that it's helpful to have a bus garage near the site of the school campus.
One person wanted to know why the Shields site was not being used for the campus.  It was explained that the 25.8 acres was not large enough for the elementary and middle school complex. Plus ingress and egress issues were noted.
One location of schools at a complex could also result in lower classroom sizes instead of having two elementary schools and a separate middle school. 
It was also explained that the potential for shared services is important for possible savings and the opportunity for efficiency by having an elementary and middle school campus at one location.
The superintendent explained one central kitchen, and one heating and cooling system could also result in savings.
The superintendent explained it looked at a number of options and talked with other districts in the area.
A new complex also presents opportunities for learning, since the school environment is outdated.
 The middle school gymnasium had a tarp up with a garbage can and buckets under the tarp collecting water as it rained.  The backdrop selected for the meeting showed some of the repairs that are needed. 
One person submitted a question asking why the buildings were not kept up?
The superintendent explained that the janitors had done a great job keeping up with the 100 year old middle school and aging elementary schools. 
But others wanted to know why the school officials and people in positions of power didn't keep up with roof repairs and maintenance.
No one was questioning the great job janitors have done. Janitors have no say in approving money for repairs or improvement projects.
Another person submitted a question about open enrollment. The district told them no discussions have taken place about open enrollment.
One person submitted a question asking whether there would still be a need for other levies?
Canfield school district explained there will still be a need for renewal levies for operating public schools in Canfield that provide education for children. 
The school district explained it would transfer the 100 year old middle school building to the City of Canfield, with an agreement it would provide 1 million dollars or more towards the city's plans. 
No one has revealed how much asbestos is in the facility and whether the amount offered would pay for asbestos removal, demolition, proper disposal and landfill costs if the city were to accept that offer.  
People want all questions they have about a levy answered publicly, and they want a meeting held when working taxpayers can attend.
Not all questions were publicly answered by the time the meeting was ended. The superintendent had said people whose questions were unanswered can ask them questions after the meeting adjourns. 
People want all questions they have about a levy answered publicly, and they want a meeting held when working taxpayers can attend.
That led some people to accuse organizers of this public meeting to screening or cherry picking only the questions the district wanted to answer.
One man stood up and said it wasn't right that if the school district wants to request a 37 year school bond levy of over 100 million dollars and not answer
all questions people have publicly.  
The Superintendent and Levy Committee denies screening questions. The meeting lasted about one hour.
Some people who were unable to attend complain that the Canfield Levy Committee, Superintendent, and School Board should hold a meeting at 7 p.m. when more people who work and pay taxes are able to attend. 
There are about 1500 elementary and middle school students. The proposed complex would be 192,000 square feet.