The Trumbull County Sheriff's Department is investigating two separate incidents where vehicles were stolen over the weekend and then found on fire.

One of the stolen vehicles was taken from a home in Mesopotamia Township. The other was taken from a home in Warren. But, both were discovered less than three miles from one another in Gustavus Township.

According to police report, at about 6 a.m. Saturday morning a black Dodge Ram was found burning in a yard along State Route 193.

A call to police reported a crash and "what sounds like gun shots." When officers arrived they determined the truck had not crashed, but had pulled down the driveway and into the front yard where it became stuck. Police said one set of footprints could be seen running away from the scene of the truck.

Also at the scene, police discovered a black and blue striped beanie hat. They believe the hat may have belonged to the suspect. 

Police say they contacted the owner of the truck, who said the vehicle had been parked in their driveway overnight. The owner said the vehicle was a work truck and a set of keys were usually kept inside the vehicle for other workers to have access to the vehicle.

While police were on scene talking with the truck's owner, they say, he received a call from a Geauga County Deputy who said tools and other items belonging to the truck's owner were found on an 'oil road.' The vehicle's owner said the tools had been in the bed of the truck and the other items had been in the back seat of the truck.

Meanwhile, about 24 hours later, a stolen Chevy Malibu was found burning near Stoddard Hayes Rd. NE and York Street. While police were on scene the registered owner contacted police to report his vehicle stolen.

According to a police report, the car was burned down to the frame with the only identifying piece being the license plate.

 Police say it's not clear whether the two incidents are connected. The investigation is ongoing with assistance of the State Fire Marshall.