WARNING: Viewers may find the video disturbing to watch. 

New bodycam video released from Struthers Police shows the officer-involved shooting in early April that resulted in the death of a 35-year-old suspect.

Often, local police departments don't release body cam video to the public before an investigation is complete, but in this case, the administration in Struthers felt it was necessary in order to be transparent. 

According to previously released radio traffic from Struthers police, the incident started as a traffic stop on State Street in Struthers. The suspect allegedly tried to hit the police cruiser at a drive-thru before driving away with the officer following behind.

Now, body camera video shows that chase that lasted about 5 minutes before ending near the intersection of Steel Street and Salt Springs Road.
When officer Tommy Schneeman got out of his cruiser he can be heard shouting "show me your hands, show me your hands."
Less than three seconds later, as the officer approaches the vehicle, Schneeman can be heard saying "gun, gun" and then firing several shots. As the shots are fired the audio in the video breaks up.
The officer can then be heard warning other approaching officers "Get back, he's got a gun."
Schneeman then asks another officer "are you okay?" as he continues to order the suspect to show his hands, and for the suspect to put his hands up.
At this point, it appears the suspect is not moving.
Schneeman then asks another officer "Are you hit or anything? Thank God." And says, "I don't know. He shot at me."
According to the Mahoning County Coroner, the suspect was identified as 35-year-old James Sheets. Sheets died at the scene.

Police say tasers were used at one point, and the suspect pulled a gun causing Struthers police to shoot the suspect.

No Youngstown officers were involved in the tasing or shooting of the suspect.

Schneeman was placed on administrative leave at the time of the shooting per department protocol but recently was cleared to return to duty.