Warren police and the mayor are working together to help combat the city's recent rash of gun violence, and that includes coming up with a plan with the Greater Youngstown-Warren Urban League and the Trumbull NAACP. 
Using newer technology that is available is also part of the plan.
At Warren's safety committee meeting, the police department's wish list includes body cameras, crime processing equipment, bulletproof vests, drones and technology, tools that can be used to catch people who commit violent crimes, and even illegal drivers ATVs and motorcycles riders terrorizing neighborhoods.
The items on that WISH list submitted by Warren's police chief add up to around 3.2 million dollars. 
This is a wish list and it will all be under review by the city council which is working to make sure local, state, and federal tax dollars will be spent effectively.
"They're looking at using data to determine which houses are drug houses, and who is doing what so look out criminals, tech is catching up with you," said second ward Councilman Andrew Herman.
Mayor Doug Franklin says the city will be fast-tracking some of these items that will be bought with general fund dollars, federal and state funds.
"With the $218,000 received from the governor's office a couple of weeks ago will be used to provide additional surveillance cameras through the city which will help improve our eyes and police presence throughout the city," Mayor Doug Franklin said. 
Warren's Mayor says he will be the best mayor he can be in delivering services,  but he can't stop people from hate and violence.
He needs help that must start in the home. 
21 News asked what the mayor has to say to people who keep on saying the mayor needs to do something.
"What are you going to do?  What are you going to do as a parent? I can't do it alone.  ... I need their help," Mayor Franklin emphasized.