The Jif peanut butter recall is impacting more than store shelves and home pantries.

Several local animal shelters say they have had to throw away hundreds of jars of recalled peanut butter. As a result many of the non-profit organizations are now asking for extra donations.

Peanut butter is often used as a enrichment treat. It's also used as a way to give dogs their medication.

Animal Charity of Ohio says they had to toss about 150 jars of recalled JIF peanut butter.

"So we are going to be holding off on peanut butter use unless it does not fall underneath the recall," said Animal Charity Operations Director Jane MacMurchy. "And, we will kind of be switching over to using canned and wet dog food, but we are running low on canned and wet dog food." 

At Angels for Animals, they are now requesting donations of the Skippy brand of peanut butter as a safe alternative.

Founder of Angels for Animals Diane Less says the organization had to discard three or four cases due to the recall. She estimates this was about one or two months worth of peanut butter.

"That's a big deal," said Less. "When you have animals in a kennel like this, you've got to have something to keep them from going kennel crazy."

The CDC is warning people not to eat certain JIF peanut butter products linked to an outbreak of Salmonella infections in Ohio and 11 other states.

Walmart and Sam's Club have announced that the Jif peanut butter recalled by the J.M. Smucker company was sold at all of their stores

The recalled product was sold by other retailers as well.
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