Ohio will soon join 24 other states where people can conceal-carry without having a permit.

Proponents say it's all part of their second amendment rights to protect themselves. Opponents say it will just bring more guns and violence to the streets.

Warren city council is expected to pass a resolution Wednesday that would formally oppose the new law, known as Senate Bill 215.

"They are formal expressions by local government entities, in this case a legislative body in the city of Warren, expressing displeasure, dissatisfaction or outright disagreement with a new law that is coming about. So I think they hear them," said Warren city law director, Enzo Cantalamessa.

Council can't pass anything that would supersede state law so they hope their resolution will just send a message to Columbus that they are simply against the measure.
As far as what Warren is doing to combat their increase in gun violence, one councilman thinks they are on the right track.

"The city administration has a good idea. They are saturating those neighborhoods. They are asking for help from the community. If you know something say something. Come forward and tell us. The police can't do it all by themselves," said Warren councilman, Greg Greathouse.

The new conceal carry law takes effect in Ohio on June 13th.