A Niles man is learning a tough lesson about sharing private pictures with others over the internet.

According to Warren Police, the 20-year-old man came to them claiming he has been a victim of blackmail and is afraid it will continue.

A police report says the victim met a woman that seemed to be nice through the online social gaming network known as Game Bites.

After the two exchanged information over Snapchat and Instagram, the man said the woman asked him to send her sexual pictures of himself.

Almost immediately after he sent the images, he says the woman threatened to distribute the pictures, which included his face, over the internet unless he paid her hundreds of dollars.

After telling the woman that he didn’t have that kind of money, he says she agreed to accept $20 which he sent to her over Cashapp.

The report doesn’t say whether police found the extortionist but did tell the victim that they believe that the suspect is not a woman, but a man.