A Youngstown man has been charged with the rape of a 12-year-old girl.

According to the police report, Devin Davis, 33, of Cameron Avenue, allegedly had sex with the girl who he said he was in a relationship with. Davis said that he was unaware that the girl was 12, claiming she had lied about her age. 

Upon receiving a tip about a missing juvenile that had reportedly been seen on Cameron Avenue with Davis, Youngstown police and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation was able to obtain an IP address from social media post from the alleged victim, which led investigators to a home in the 500 block on Cameron Avenue, which was owned by Davis.

When the officers went to the home on June 9, and received no response from attempting to get someone to come to the door. On the property, officers noted a pitbull mix inside a cage with no food or water. Animal Charity was called, as well as the Humane Society. 

Once the officials arrived to investigate the situation with the dog, Davis started speaking with officers through his video camera doorbell device. Davis told officers he was not at home.

People at the scene told officers that they had seen a young female visiting Davis' house on multiple occasions.

A background check revealed that Davis was on parole for aggravated assault. Officers contacted Davis' parole officer, who requested that Davis should meet with officers at his house. 

Davis said he was at work, but would leave if he could, according to the police report. 

Officers were able to get a search warrant for the premises, and at that time Davis had arrived home and gave consent to the search. Davis told officers that the girl they were searching for was not in his house.

Police found the 12-year-old girl inside the house, hiding inside the attic in the insulation. 

According to the police report, the 12-year-old girl was visibly angry with the officers, screaming at them. The girl claimed she was not the runaway the police were searching for. 

Because of her behavior, the officers handcuffed the girl and placed her inside the cruiser. According to the report, the girl told to officers that she was having consensual sex with Davis.

The girl was taken by ambulance to the hospital for evaluation. 

Davis was held in the county jail based on a violation of probation.