A U.S. Supreme Court ruling that could impact the decision that legalized abortion in America is being watched very closely by those on both sides of the issue.
Pro-Choice groups have rallied against the Supreme Court's likely decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.
But other groups are also heading to court house stairs to voice their opinions.
The parents and people at this rally say they are pro-life and pro-love.
Micaella Clay says she survived an aspiration abortion her biological mother chose but is happy she survived. 
"I live in a world where society tells us we shouldn't be here, that I shouldn't be here. That I was a choice somebody made and I'm here to tell people that's not ok. I have a right to live and breathe, go hiking and be with my family. I have that right then just as much as I do not," said Micaella Clay. 
A recent graduate of YSU Started the group Penguins for Life saying she speaks for a silent majority, voices not as loud, voices silenced at times by people who fear they will be canceled.
"We recognize these terrible tragedies of killing children in schools which is a terrible tragedy and I can't imagine having my child killed in school, while we also celebrate the killing of children in the womb. One million children are killed in the womb every year and they're not seen as valuable as the other children are. I believe all life has value," Kayla Gilmore said
The organizer of the event and others are hoping the US Supreme Court strikes down Roe V Wade so states will have the right to make their individual decisions. 
"I just wanted to raise a Pro-Life voice, like say we're here too. We have a voice in this too. Abortion is one of the greatest injustices in our country. I want to look back and say I did something, I spoke up for the lives of the unborn. I spoke up for women empowering women to do the right thing, to give their baby a life, through adoption or to give them the things they need so they can do well raising their baby," Alisha Brownlee said.
There is a pregnancy help center in Boardman that folks here say helps provide diapers, wipes, clothing, and baby items, along with support and encouragement.
They say nonprofit organizations like Ohio Right to Life empower women by helping them raise their babies, or to put their babies up for adoption if they choose.
"The Supreme Court decision has led to the slaughter of over 62 million children in our nation alone. We hope Roe fails, that individual states decide the decision," Peter Range Executive Director of Ohio Right to Life said.
"There are 20,000 abortions right here in the state of Ohio every single year. Nearly a million across this country and worldwide the numbers are way too high. We are all humans at the end of the day. We are pro-life and walk along moms and dads to help them choose pro-love," Range added.
"At ohiolife.org we have a map that contains locations of our 184 pregnancy care centers across Ohio to help moms and dads choose life. Resources can be found by clicking on the area closest to you where help is available," Range said.