The Lordstown Board of Public Affairs on Tuesday is scheduled to consider resolutions that could lead to the construction of a second, one-billion-dollar power plant in the village.

During a 4 p.m. meeting, the board’s agenda includes a resolution to recommend that the village council authorize Lordstown to enter into a water service agreement with Clean Energy Future-Trumbull LLC’s plans for an Energy Center Project.

A second resolution under consideration recommends that the council enters into an agreement with the City of Warren to provide water to the plant.

Clean Energy Future President Bill Siderewicz has worked out a deal with Warren to provide the needed water. However, the Mahoning Valley Sanitary District wants the contract.

MVSD officials say they already have a 24-inch line in place that could supply the plant from Niles.

Siderewicz told 21 News earlier that restarting the process to obtain a new water discharge permit could put the project in jeopardy by delaying it for up to one year.

 "They would lose the 85 million and we would have been paying the Board of Public Affairs about a half a million dollars a year in fees, so a half a million over twenty years is ten million dollars," Siderewicz said.

Even if the public affairs board approves the resolutions, it would still be up to the village council to approve the recommendations.