Trumbull County Sheriff’s Deputies are investigating allegations from a 24-year-old woman who claims she was whipped by a man and held against her will at a home in Mesopotamia Township.

A deputy was called to a home on Route 534 on Saturday by two sisters, one of whom said that she had been “punished” by a man after she tried to leave him.

The woman said she had been staying with 48-year-old Nathan Haynes for three months when she told him last Monday that she wanted to return to her family.

The alleged victim said that on Wednesday, Haynes said she needed to be punished and tied her hands to the ceiling, then struck her back 20 times with a leather strap and struck her leg ten times using a rubber hose.

The alleged victim told deputies she wanted to leave, but had to wait until Haynes left in order to escape. 

The deputy took photographs of bruises on the woman’s back and legs as part of the report.

Haynes pulled up to the home in a car while the deputy was still there and claimed that the bruises are the result of a sexual encounter, claiming they do it all the time, alleging “She likes it and asks for it”.

The deputy handcuffed Haynes and booked him into the county jail, saying  charges of domestic violence and kidnapping would be filed in Newton Falls Municipal Court.