It's hard to find a single commercial break that doesn't feature a campaign ad from Tim Ryan.
Since cruising to the Democratic nomination for US Senate in May, the Valley congressman has pulled out all the stops.

But to many Buckeye voters, his opponent, Republican JD Vance, some voters wondered if Vance all but stopped.

"I wouldn't say our campaign has been quiet, we just haven't been running TV ads," said Vance in an interview with 21 News on Wednesday.

Despite a lack of face time, Vance says he hasn't stopped hammering home his message.

"To tell the truth about my values, my principles but also to tell the truth about Tim Ryan's record," Vance said, a voting record he argues doesn't match up with the ads Ryan has been running. A voting record Ryan argues is easy for him to defend, on TV or off.

"It's a very complicated media environment today," Ryan said Wednesday night. "I want to make sure people know about me and that I fought President Obama, I ran against Nancy Pelosi, and I agreed with Donald Trump on trade and China."

Vance, meanwhile, still rides the momentum of a Trump endorsement, having to deftly balance that with an appeal to swing voters and more traditional conservatives.

"I think the way that we unite the party is to talk about what's at stake here," said Vance. "Do we want another rubber stamp for the Joe Biden agenda, or do we want to turn the ship around and make this country a more prosperous place for its people?"

Vance does plan to become more visible on TV, but adds that the heart of his strategy involves doing more listening than talking.

"We gave voters the opportunity to know me, ask the tough questions. We're going to continue to do that."

It's a strategy Vance says worked in May and will work again in November.