Ohio's five largest business organizations gathered on Thursday at Taylor-Winfield Technologies to announce their endorsement of Sharon Kennedy for Chief Justice of the Ohio Supreme Court, as well as Pat DeWine and Pat Fischer for re-election to the Ohio Supreme Court.

Kennedy, DeWine and Fischer are the candidates that Ohio's business community believes the state needs to protect Ohio from judicial activism that leads to unpredictability.

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Ohio's Executive Director Roger Geiger describes Justice Kennedy's commitment to public service and dedication to Ohio as "exemplary."

"Justice Kennedy truly understands the importance of judicial stability to our state's economy and the role the court can play as the third co-equal body of government. Under her leadership as Chief Justice, the Ohio Supreme Court will continue in a steadfast, even-handed and predictable manner," Geiger said.

In regards to Fischer and DeWine, Geiger says the two Justices have brought "a wealth of judicial experience with strong records of fairness and impartiality to the court."

"They share a philosophy of judicial restraint which lends itself to a stable and predictable legal environment in Ohio," Geiger said.

Ohio Business Roundtable President and CEO Pat Tiberi described all three Justices as "stalwarts in respecting the separation of powers and protecting all Ohioans from judicial activism." 

Ohio Chamber of Commerce President and CEO, Steve Stivers says in order to attract businesses and talent to Ohio, the state needs a dependable Supreme Court and believe the three Justices are the best candidates to do that.

Ohio Farm Bureau Executive Vice President Adam Sharp says in a time of much uncertainty in Ohio's agriculture markets with supply chain and food channel issues, the Ohio agricultural community needs a consistent Supreme Court.

Sharp says the Justices have a "strong record in ruling in support of private property rights and a rational regulatory environment while maintaining a stable and predictable judicial system."

Finally, Ohio Manufacturers' Association (OMA) President, Ryan Augsburger praised the Justices DeWine and Fischer for demonstrating their "fairness, impartiality and judicial restraint" during their first six-year terms.

OMA's Political Action Committee (PAC) also expressed support for Kennedy praising her for upholding the Ohio Constitution by "strictly interpreting the law, not legislating from the bench."