A Boardman restaurant owner has been sentenced on charges of unlawful restraint and menacing.

Michael Alberini, 54, was arrested by police following a domestic situation at his Squirrel Drive home in late December 2021.

Officers were sent to his home after getting a call that Alberini had blocked his 42-year-old wife from leaving the home, allegedly stating that if "anyone comes to the house, there would be a standoff."

Police say Alberini was sitting with a semi-automatic rifle on his lap pointed toward the front door.

His wife told officers that she had barricaded herself in a room, saying she feared for her safety and the safety of her child.

Alberini originally pleaded not guilty to the charges but withdrew that plea, entering a guilty plea Tuesday.

He was sentenced to community service and two years probation with a $500 fine.

Alberini is not to have any verbal or physical contact with the victims and will undergo a drug and alcohol assessment and anger management. The court also barred him from having a gun during his probation.