Newton Falls Council came together Wednesday evening to approve several resolutions to be on November's ballot, in what they say clarifies their current city charter.

From new freedoms and abilities for village officials to public comment adjustments, 21 News sat through the meeting and caught up with council members on how these resolutions will hopefully make village functions a lot smoother.

The charter amendments will now be on the ballot this November in efforts to "clear up any gray area confusion in the villages current city charter," according to Councilman John Baryak.

"A lot of these are just no brainers but some of them need to be clarified, that way, we don't have as many law battles," Baryak added.

The village facilitating a charter review committee.

"We had a lot of litigation come up in the last year or so and I thought it was a good idea and it ended up being a real blessing," Baryak said. 

Certain ordinances allow for more power to the mayor and council members. This includes the mayor now permitted to supervise heath directives, council members and the mayor also allowing vote thresholds on measures.

"It's just to say when the threshold will come about as far as passing the vote," Baryak said.

Another resolution also puts a 90 day time limit on recall petitions.

"Right now, it's not stated in the charter and they want a 90 day recall," Baryak described. "In other words, the day you take out the signature, they want to drag it on for months and months and months."

Retired Police Sergeant Stephen Storm was also honored Wednesday evening for his 28 years of service working for the Village.