There was a unity service Tuesday in memory of Jayland Walker at Remedy Church in Akron.
Walker, 25, was killed after he led Akron police on a four-minute chase. Police say Walker fired his own gun during the pursuit. The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation has been tasked with investigating Walker's shooting.
People there remembered Walker's life while pushing forward for a legacy of change in police policies, cruiser dash cams, and training they believe can help save lives.
AT Remedy Church in Akron a few hundred people turned out to remember Jayland Walker, comfort his family, and to seek help in healing from anger, loss, and fear. 
"Obviously it's definitely a tragedy to the community to the family. We just want to send our heart, prayers, condolences, and put our arms around them as we put our arms around the city," said a Deacon at Remedy Church Tim Anderson.
Walker's family has called for peaceful protests from the beginning.
Others in this crowd also emphasize a need for peaceful protests to continue until there is justice.
"So we're asking for peace but we're also asking for justice. We need to know why the police officers felt shooting at an unarmed man 90, 60 times is justified," Vincent Taylor a Citizen leader said.
People at the Unity Service want the Department of Justice and FBI to investigate alongside Ohio's Bureau of Criminal Investigations. 
They also want a review or police policies and training, along with cruiser dash cameras.
Pastor Lavender explains the service is not only to honor Jayland Walker's life but also to make sure his legacy is pushed out.
He tells 21 News this is not to Demonize or uplift anyone else. 
"When you see a young man who has beaten all statistics we see, a young black man 25 years old, with no criminal background doing his best to honor his family and those around him, his life means a lot," said Lead Pastor of Remedy Church, Deante Lavender.
"In his death, our goal is to make sure not only is his life honored, but his legacy is pushed forward," Pastor Lavender emphasized.
"Does a person deserve 90 shots being thrown at him, and being shot 60 times. I think that is the major piece so now that has our community in an uproar. So now what? asked Lavender.
"What we have to do now is to give peace and solace to those who are confused because how is it that those who are supposed to police me are hurting me, and then they're the ones who are part of the community, so this is not to demonize them or to uplift anyone else, but to say at some point in time we have to come together to change the hearts of those, when we change the hearts of those, when we change hearts and minds, that's when we change behaviors,"  Pastor  Lavender emphasized.
Tuesday evening the pastor shared information with people about programs in the community that can help them.
We are there for them Pastor Lavender tells 21 News.
The NAACP called for no protests for the next two days so Walker's service can be held with Dignity.
Viewing is Wednesday at the Akron Civic Theater from ten in the morning to 12:30 pm. followed by a 1:00 p.m. service open to the public.