The current rise in inflation has many people up against a wall when it comes to their finances. Even those making a decent wage are finding it hard to afford their day to day lifestyles. Many are now turning to a food pantry for assistance.

"I've been in food banking for 17 years and I've never seen anything quite like this where everything is coming to a helm all at once with the price of food, the price of gas and the number of people in the need of services, it's a very scary time," said Becky Page, Executive Director of the Food Warehouse of Mercer County.

While this perfect storm is squeezing working families budgets, It also has many food banks across the country struggling to keep their shelves stocked and provide meals for those who need it. That includes the Food Warehouse of Mercer County, which just a couple of weeks ago was at 30-40% capacity. 

"We're seeing more and more families come to our food pantries and soup kitchens for their next meal," Page said. "It's getting harder and harder to get food in our doors, we're starting to see things that we saw in the beginning of the pandemic with supply chain issues and product getting backed up. Our USDA is down, donated food is down."

Page says every week they are holding their breath that food will come in. They are asking for any assistance possible to supplement what they're already distributing.

"We are amping up our food drive season, we're coming up on Hunger Action Month here in September so we're looking for local businesses, organizations to host food drives and fundraisers for us and we're still working with all our contacts and vendors locally to bring in donated food and purchased food to get it in our doors because we know it's going to go out quickly," Page said.

If anyone would like to donate or help, the Food Warehouse of Mercer County is open Monday through Friday until 3:30 p.m. or you can call them at 724-981-0353.