More and more wolf dogs are being found in the Mahoning Valley and are illegal in some parts of Ohio.

A family in Campbell housed two of them, since they were pups, but the dogs were confiscated by police after noise complaints from neighbors.

"They were living in very small containments in a garage, not really appropriate for any kind of dog," said Paulina Romanelli, Vice President of Red Riding Hood Project in Middletown.

The owners tell Campbell police they didn't know the hybrid pups, a cross between a dog and wolf, were illegal and that they took care of them to the best of their ability.

Romanelli says it's more common an issue than you'd think and they continue to see these wolf dogs daily.

"You could build a sanctuary tomorrow and it would be full," Romanelli said.

The city's ordinance prohibits people from owning these kinds of animals for safety reasons.

"They will avoid conflict at all costs, but when they're trapped in a small pin or cage, they will try to protect themselves," Romanelli said.

Campbell's mayor tells 21 News the family will not be criminally charged for housing the animals.

"They gave the dogs up and they worked with the police department, right off the back," Mayor Bryan Tedesco said.

The dogs are being transported to a rescue sanctuary in Middletown Ohio, where they can be properly cared for.